In today’s world, one of the biggest challenges for the food industry is maintaining the freshness and quality of products at every stage—from harvesting through storage to transportation. How can we tackle the ongoing problem of mold and the accumulation of harmful ethylene, which accelerates the aging processes of fruits and vegetables?

The answer to these challenges is the advanced technology of photocatalysis, developed by the NanoSci team. Our devices, utilizing semiconductor photocatalysis technology, provide effective protection against fungal spores (such as gray mold), bacteria, and also decompose harmful rot gases, including ethylene. This controls the ripening processes, significantly reducing product losses throughout the supply chain.

Our air purifiers operate in real time, can be used in the presence of people, and are characterized by record efficiency. Importantly, NanoSci devices do not require the use of filters, which translates into financial and process savings. Energy efficiency (just 120W per 150 m³) and longevity of operation (at least 5 years of continuous work) are additional advantages that distinguish our products on the market.