Unique photocatalytic technology

for air purification and disinfection. Ready for versatile applications.


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Cost efficient

Trace energy costs (up to 7x less than UVC for air disinfection)

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Removes gases, odors, harmful components of smog, as well as viruses, bacteria and fungal spores

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Purifying components (photocatalytic layers) allow various designs and constructions of the end devices

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No need to replace photocatalytic layers (unlike HEPA or carbon filters)

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Removes 99.99% of air pollutants*

*at the linear air velocity through the layer for up to 2 m/s

Nanosci Solutions
we help the world


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    Wall-mounted air purifiers installed in apartments
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    Food storage, vertical farms, HACCP industry
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    Air purifiers for different means of transportation
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    Filter layers for respiratory masks
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    Stand-alone air purifiers​ or AC splits with built in air purifiers
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    Purifiers installed in household appliances



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Our dedicated photocatalytic engines are tailored to the necessary operating parameters of the end devices.



Photocatalytic material made with TiO2 nanotubes


Durable and green photocatalytic material made of porous ceramic structure

light sources

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LED UV modules used in photocatalytic devices and UVC disinfection

Air purifiers

for indoor

Air purifier equipped with a Nanosci photocatalytic engine removes chemical and biological pollutants from classrooms, offices, elevators, and other indoor spaces. Our solution removes harmful gaseous components of smog and reduces the risk of disease transmission caused by airborne viruses and bacteria.

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Ceiling suspended or busbar mounted
air purifier

Our solution ensures uniform air purification in the occupied spaces. Ceiling suspension is the optimal choice when it comes to air circulation efficiency. The solution can be used in spaces with or without mechanical ventilation.

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Vandal-proof air purifier
for elevators and mass means of transportation

Small, crowded spaces pose the greatest threat when it comes to the transmission of airborne diseases. For elevators and public transport, we offer vandal-proof, ceiling-mounted metal air purifiers.

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Air purifying LED panel fixture
595x595 mm

Adapted to be installed in place of standard raster lighting fixtures with dimensions of 595x595mm. The device combines lighting and disinfection. There’s no need to create an additional power circuit for air purifiers, which reduces installation costs.


We provide solutions and photocatalytic technology in various business models tailored to the client’s goals, industry, and business needs.

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Ready to use
photocatalytic materials

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Manufacturing licence for our
photocatalytic materials
with complete knowledge transfer

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Photocatalytic engines as ready-to-use
in end devices

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Ready-to-use devices under
Nanosci or private label (OEM)

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Photocatalysis is a safe and sustainable solution for air purification without the use of replaceable filters. Our technology is based on a process that uses a beam of ultraviolet radiation and a photocatalyst in the form of a porous material covered with titanium dioxide.

How does it work?

Air particles pass through a photocatalytic material exposed to the UV light beam. Titanium dioxide which covers photocatalytic material activates the oxidation process.

As a result, the unwanted compounds decompose into carbon and water vapor. Thanks to this, photocatalytic purifiers do not accumulate pollutants, destroying them completely. Our patent-pending solutions are adjustable to the needs of various industries, applications, and shapes of devices.

Photocatalytic process successfully removes:

  • Plus icon Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide
  • Plus icon Volatile organic compounds
  • Plus icon Unpleasant odors
  • Plus icon Pathogens (viruses, bacteria or fungi)

Technology safety

User safety is our priority. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles used in our solutions are not emitted into the air. Therefore, there is no possibility that the nanoparticles will get into the respiratory system causing irritation.

Photochemical reaction takes place exclusively on the surface of the photocatalytic layer. Reactive oxygen species in the form of hydroxyl radicals are not transported with the air stream due to their very short lifetime (about 10-8 to 10-9 seconds). Thus, they do not pose a health risk to users.

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Our photocatalytic solutions are patent-protected.

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