AdMaCom Scale is a special acceleration initiative dedicated to the development of deep tech startups in the field of materials science. The intensive 4-week program is the elder sibling in AdMaCom’s initiative portfolio, specifically designed for startups with a product ready for commercialization. Workshop sessions and one-on-one mentoring meetings focus on equipping companies with the necessary skills for effectively scaling their technology, especially in international markets.

Nanosci’s Journey to AdMaCom 2023

Nanosci was founded during the 2020 lockdown when a team of founders, led by Prof. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska (University of Gdańsk, Forbes “50 over 50”), decided to harness the technology studied by her for over 20 years to contribute to human health. Photocatalysis is a unique process that enables air purification without using filters, in an energy-efficient manner. Nanosci’s solutions safely eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, as well as gaseous components of smog, unpleasant odors, and other toxins.

Initially, the team focused on delivering their technology to places where clean air protected people’s health and even lives (hospitals, office buildings, preschools, etc.). Currently, Nanosci is also expanding the application of photocatalysis to extend the shelf life of plants (food, including fruits and vegetables, but also flowers) and reduce waste by installing their solutions in refrigerators and other food storage and transport locations. The company provides a technology on the basis of which its clients (including HVAC and lighting industries) add a purification component to their product groups.

Oliver Hasse, Managing Director of INAM, shared his enthusiasm for the program’s success: “Following the extraordinary success of the first edition of AdMaCom Scale last year, most participating startups have since secured Series A funding. The finalists of this year’s AdMaCom Scale program once again demonstrate the importance and power of advanced materials in addressing contemporary challenges—whether it’s water or air filtration or enabling ‘green’ data processing. Our growth-stage companies have the potential to disrupt existing technologies and create a significant impact.”

Nanosci Team on AdMaCom 2023

Nanosci Among the Startups on AdMaCom 2023